Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions.
What are the Knights of Saint Andrew?
The Knights of Saint Andrew is a chartered service group of the Scottish Rite designed specifically for 32nd Degree Masons who are committed to expanding their knowledge of the Scottish Rite Degrees and dedicated to the prosperity of the Valley. Each Knights of Saint Andrew Chapter is subordinate to its Valley and to no other organization or institution. The Chapter is led by the 1st Knight, who coordinates the Chapter’s activities. KSA members pledge to be active participants in Valley functions, to lead by setting high standards, and to be of service to the Valley’s needs as required. Those who are of Scottish heritage will be truly inspired by the traditional uniforms that you may elect to wear as a member. The Knights of Saint Andrew – Valley of Santa Ana Scottish Rite is the only chapter authorized to wear the Chapter Beret versus the traditional Chapter Glengarry hat.
How can I join the Knights of Saint Andrew?
Joining the Order is easy.  Simply fill out a petition, and pay the necessary fees to the Valley office, and you will be considered a member of the Order. Petitions are available below or from the 1st Knight.  Once you attend a knighting ceremony, you will receive your Beret, Sash, Badges, lapel pin, and patent certifying your membership. Knighting Ceremonies are held once a year, however, once your petition and fees have been received, you are eligible for the full rights, responsibilities, and honors of the Order.  Once the Valley office notifies the 1st Knight (Commander) and/or Keeper of The Realm (Secretary) of your membership, you will receive a message with how to get started in the Order. Click here to learn more and download the application.
How are the Knights of Saint Andrew structured?
Each Valley’s KSA is unique.  As there is no national governing body for KSA, each Valley is given great latitude to organize their KSA as best fits with their Valley.  In Santa Ana, there are six official officers of the KSA, headed by the 1st Knight (Commander), 2nd Knight, and Knight Keeper of The Realm (Secretary/Treasurer), and a Council of Twelve (which includes the 6 official officers and 6 additional active KSA members). All serve at the will and pleasure of the Personal Representative of the SGIG and the Valley’s Advisory Conference in consultation with the Valley Secretary/Recorder.  The 1st Knight (Commander), 2nd Knight, and Knight Keeper of The Realm (Secretary) are elected by a majority vote by the KSA membership and must be approved by the Personal Representative of the SGIG.