Master Craftsman: Scottish Rite Philosophy (Morals & Dogma)


Program Description:

      The Master Craftsman: Scottish Rite Philosophy course is approximately 170 pages of quizzes that will guide you through the entire Albert Pike’s Morals & Dogma: Annotated Edition.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Program, it’s designed to teach you about the history, ritual, symbolism, and philosophy of Freemasonry, from the 1st° – 32nd°. Each program guides the student through the course materials, and each graduate of the program is recognized with an award.

You became a Master Mason to journey into foreign countries… the Scottish Rite takes you there!

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Program Schedule:
      The Orange County Valley Knights of St. Andrew will be hosting round table discussions related to Albert Pike’s Morals & Dogma. You may elect to participate with the “class” at the monthly pace, or study and submit individually at your own pace (submit/receive via usps mail correspondence).
– We highly recommend group participation as it is guaranteed to enhance your learning experience, strengthen fraternal bonds, and promote opportunities to visit other lodges.
Program Meetings: 
     We host our “Roundtable” meetings (for registration, introduction, Q&As and test reviews/discussions) at the Southern California Demolay Center in Anaheim 303 W. Lincoln, Anaheim, CA (conference room). Times and locations for each month may vary. It is most likely that these meetings will be held on a Saturday. Times TBA in the SR newsletter and stated meeting announcements. For those of you who are unable to make these meetings, we do offer private instruction via several proxies (one-on-one at your home or DeMolay Center, or Online via Skype/Facetime). Please contact our Classroom Director James McCallion, 32° to schedule an appointment: