150111- 042-XL     1st Knight: Jay Webb, 32°

150111- 078-XL   Member: Mark Hoage, 32°

150111- 081-XL   Member: PM Larry Griffin, 32°


P1stK: Hon. Scott Davis, 32° KCCH (2010)


brooch3     Member: Wes Green, 32°


Member: Hugo Ramos, 32°

spotholder     Member: Russell Albright, 32°



2nd Knight: Luke Keith, 32°

Alejo Velarde   Member: Alejo Velarde, 32°

150111- 069-XL     P1stK: James McCallion, 32° (2014-2016)

frankie Rosario    Emeritus: Hon. Frankie Rosario, 32° KCCH


Emeritus: Hon. Mike Selix, 32° KCCH


Member: Daren Gress, 32°



spotholder      Member: David Frias, 32°



Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff Kimble, 32°

150111- 041-XL   Member: William Talbert, 32°

150111- 062-XL     P1stK: Charles Reeves, 32° (2013)

150111- 055-XL   Member: Brett Fisher, 32°


Member: James Cervantes, 32°


Member: James Prather, 32°


150111- 045-XL     Knight Orator: Jamie Hopkins, 32°

Flavio Apro single   Ambassador: Flavio Apro, 32°

150111- 037-XL     P1stK: James Segerstrom, 32° (2012)


Member: John Kahvedjian, 32°


spotholder     Member: Ryan Bergquist, 32°


Member: Kevin Hyder, 32°

Become a Knight of St. Andrew

Join an elite unit of select Scottish Rite Masons.

Download the Membership Application

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You are about to embark upon a lifetime journey of devotion to service and participation in the Orange County Scottish Rite as a Knight of Saint Andrew. However, before you granted full knighthood, there are certain requirements you must meet:
  •  You must be a 32° Degree Master Mason
  • Obtained recommendations from at least two (2) members of the Knights of Saint Andrew
  • You must attend a minimum of three (3) Lodge of Perfection meetings within a six (6) month period

In addition to the above, you must complete one (1) of the following three (3) options:

  •  Complete the Scottish Rite “Master Craftsman I. program offered by the Supreme Council, or
  •  Attend two Knights of St. Andrew Workdays, or
  •  Work two Knights of St. Andrew charity events.